Welcome to Kitchen Affair – What We’re All About!

The Kitchen is the universal life and soul of any household around the world. Our love for those we care about most is expressed through the foods and beverages we create in our kitchens.

The kitchen also plays a huge role in our health and wellness, because, after all, you are what you eat right? Put another way, a healthy lifestyle is always going to be based on the diet we choose to feed ourselves and others in our lives.

We believe that your optimal health and wellness can be experienced by introducing the right foods into your diet, and of course having the right kitchen equipment to assist in achieving this. Many personal health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer can be traced back to poor quality eating choices and habits.

In the modern age we are also beginning to realize the environmental impacts that our diet choices are having on the planet around us.  We all share a responsibility to be aware of our dietary impacts on environment.  Many Eco-based problems are directly being caused by the foods we put into our bodies. For example; plastic pollution on our beaches and in the oceans from the bottled drinks we consume endangering sea-life, soil erosion and deforestation issues caused by beef farming, animal rights abuses caused by commercialized factory farms.

Therefore at Kitchen Affair we want to promote conscious eating and living so the planet becomes a more sustainable place to live for future generations.

Best Wishes,

Tim and Monika from Kitchen Affair.

Patrica Bragg with Monika and Family from Kitchen Affair

Patrica Bragg Health Crusader with Monika and Family from Kitchen Affair