Semak Vita Juice Cold Press Juicer VJ2012 Review

Here’s a video of Tim from Kitchen Affair giving a live demo of the Semak Vita Juice Cold Press Juicer.

Semak is an Australian based manufacturer of domestic and commercial kitchen appliances. They have been supplying Australians with quality kitchen appliances for over 50 years. Did you know that the Semak Vitamizer was one of the first blenders to be introduced to Australian kitchens during the late 1940’s?

Believe it or not, some of the original Vitamizer blenders are still being used in kitchens to this day! Their quality has definitely stood the test of time and reflects Semak’s manufacturing philosophy;

“to build and manufacture quality equipment that is built to last, repairable and supported by spare parts”


The Vita Juicer incorporates all the best features of all the top brand name cold press juicers on the market and as with all Semak Manufactured appliances is designed to last a long long time.

I personally have been using the Vita Juice cold press juicer since 2012 and I’m very happy with its performance. Some of the things I like about it are;

  1. The quality of juice it makes is texturally smooth with no pulpy separation layer
  2. It’s a very quiet juicer, one of the quietest cold press juicers on the market.
  3. I can source spare parts for it without any hassles. So far I have managed to break a couple of the jugs which I was able to replace very quickly. Many of the top brand name cold press juicers on the market are very difficult to get spare parts for
  4. It has a 10 year warranty. Compared to the very meager or no warranty of the cheap Chinese juicer imports on the market……well you get you pay for.
  5. It’s user friendly. My 6 year old and 4 year old safely use the Vita Juicer which has been a fun way to introduce them to the health benefits of juicing.

We’ve personally supplied around 50 of these to people all around Australia and we’ve received many happy reports about the performance of the Vita Juicer.

So I hope this helps you in your research whats available in the Australian cold press juicer market. Definitely put the Semak Vita Juice cold press juicer on your list.

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