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Life In The Fast Lane Doesn't Have To Mean Life In The Fast Food Lane!

Now you've got no excuses why you can't quickly prepare a delicious healthy and original meal for one or more people almost as quickly as you can order out.

World famous vegetarian chef and best selling author Kurma das has created this book to help anyone with a busy, hectic lifestyle (who doesn't these days) quickly and easily put together gastronomical delightful meals that save your precious time and health!

Whether you're in the 9-5 grind, have a busy family life, or spending too much time in the fast food lane, this cookbook will be the gemstone on your bookshelf.

Here's a run down of what's in the contents of Quick Vegetarian Dishes:

  • 12 Entrees and Appetizers, including; Tortilla Triangles with Smoky Avocado Salsa, Pan-fried Haloumi Steaks, Baked Cheesy Plenta Squares with Spicy Tomato Concasse.
  • 12 Soups, including; Hot & Sour tom Yum Soup, Moroccan Bean & Vegetable Soup, Thai-flavored Sweet Potato Soup, Quick Ratatouille Soup
  • 11 Rice Styled Dishes, including; Mexican Rice with Cheese, Sushi Rice with Vegetables, Iranian Spicy Rice with Saffron.
  • 13 Vegetable Dishes, including; Eggplant & Panir Cheese in Tomato Sauce, Creamy Celeriac Gratin, Baby Cauliflower with Cheese, Sourdough Breadcrumbs & Toasted Almonds, Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Karhi Sauce.
  • 10 inspiring 'Vegetarian Barbecue' Dishes, including; Barbecued Haloumi and Char-grilled Asparagus with Salsa Verde, Spanish-style Charcoal-grilled Vegetables, Panir Steaks with Maple Syrup Marinade Sweet Potato Mash & Rocket Salad (having personally made this one a least a dozen times, it is a truly deliciously addictive dish).
  • 13 Pasta and Grain-styled Dishes, including; Pasta Shells Stuffed with Spinach Herbs & White Cheese, Crispy Fried Noodles with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Pasta Spirals with Spinach & Walnut Pesto, Chickpeas in Golden Karhi Sauce.
  • 11 Salad Dishes, including; Malaysian Sweet Sour & hot Salad, Lebanese Toasted Bread Salad, Oven-roasted Cauliflower, Feta Cheese & Lentils.
  • 13 Savories & Finger Food Dishes, including; Corn Cakes with Maple Syrup, Malaysian Curry Puffs with Quick Tamarind Chutney, Crispy Batter-fried Vegetables (Pakoras), Spinach & Cheese Tart.
  • 11 Different Styles of Breads & Sandwiches, including; Toasted Focaccia with Hoummos & Moroccan Broad Bean Puree, Bruschetta of Grilled Vegetables Mozzarella & Pesto, Bread Rolls with Bocconcini Grilled Eggplant, Sun-dried Capsicum & Basil
  • 16 Different 'Fruit Delight' Recipes, including; Grilled Bananas with Yogurt Maple Syrup & Toasted Macadamias,  Crisp Wonton Wrappers with Fresh Berries & Cream, Brazilian Chayote and Orange Appetizer.
  • 16 Desserts & Sweets, including; Maple Fruit Muffins, Cardamom-scented Butter Biscuits, Little Saffron Lemon & Coconut Cakes, Quick Cherry Cheesecake.

Here's some reviews about Quick Vegetarian Dishes, from the experts:

"The great cuisines of the world, many of which are largely vegetarian, are the basis for Kurma Dasa's latest collection of recipes, presented in a clear, concise style and appealingly illustrated with lots of color photography. Quick Vegetarian Dishes is colorful, healthy (and easy-to-prepare) food that's perfect for everyday cooking - even if you're not a vegetarian."
(Australian Gourmet Traveler, February 2001)

"While Kurma may be the high priest of vegetarian cuisine, you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy his cooking. Quick Vegetarian Dishes is fresh, original and delicious! This book, Kurma's third, offers an eclectic and exotic assortment of inspiring, easy to prepare vegetarian dishes, as well as some scrumptious fruit-based recipes and desserts. A delight for the gourmet."
(The Canberra Chronicle, December 2000)

"I really enjoy Kurma's no-frills, no gimmicks television show. His enthusiasm for vegetarian food is infectious. He has already written many successful books, but, as the name implies, the emphasis here is on making quick and easy meals. Quick Vegetarian Dishes is packed with color photographs of virtually every dish. Highly recommended."
(Brisbane Courier Mail, December 2000)

"The recipes in Quick Vegetarian Dishes were collected with busy people in mind, and they really are dishes that can be prepared in a hurry. And the selection - and presentation - is enough to sway any meat-lover."
(Noosa Daily News, Feb 2001)

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