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Takes You On An International Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine Tour From The Comfort Of Your Own Kitchen!

Now you don't have to travel to far off exotic locations to sample the delicious food-flavors of the world. The author, Kurma Das, has brought together the best taste sensations that the world has on offer all in this 'best of Cooking with Kurma' edition.

From the hearty flavor-filled shores of The Mediterranean to the exotic taste sensations of India right through to the freshness of South-East-Asia cuisine, take yourself on a food-lovers safari of the world, all from your own kitchen.

This is Kurma Das's fourth cookbook and brings together his 40 years of masterfully creating vegetarian meals from all over the planet. If you haven't got one of Kurma's cookbooks on your bookshelf then this is the one to own.

Let's take a look at what's inside:

THE MEDITERRANEAN- Includes the following: Greek style White Bean and Vegetable Soup, Rich and Tasty Lasagna with Grilled Vegetables & Sun dried Tomatoes, Pumpkin Dumplings with Sage-scented Butter, Italian-Style Rice Pudding.

INDIA- Includes the following: Jaipur-style Quick & Easy Mung Dal, Tomatoes, Peas & Home-made Curd, Crispy Curd Cheese Frittered (Pakora's), Hot & Sweet Pineapple Chutney, Deep-Fried Milk Fudge Balls in Rose Syrup.

EUROPE- Includes the following: Vegetables Au Gratin, Cornish Pastries, Hot Roasted Jacket-baked Potatoes with Arugula Pesto, Rosti Pancakes filled with Swiss Cheese & Tomatoes, Old English Saffron Bread.

THE MIDDLE EAST- Includes the following: Arab-style Rice with Vermicelli & Chickpeas, Israeli Chickpea Croquettes, Tunisian Vegetable Salad, Syrian Roast Pepper & Walnut Paste, Turkish Nut Pastries in Syrup (Baklava)

SOUTH EAST ASIA- Includes the following- Curried Malay Noodles, Mock Crab Cakes with Thai Peanut & Cucumber Relish, Grilled Tempe & Mixed Leaves with Black Bean Dressing, Curry Puffs with Quick tamarind Chutney, Thai Sticky Rice with Mango.

THE AMERICAS- Includes the following: Mexican Chilled Vegetable Soup, Pan-fried potato Cakes, Cheesy Bean & Tortilla Stacks, Corn Cakes with Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Pie.

THE WORLD- Includes the following: Chilled Summer Fruit Soup, Creamy Cauliflower & Snow Peas with Cashews, Panir Steaks with Maple Syrup Marinade Sweet Potato Mash & Rocket Salad, Quick Turkish Bread Pizza, Cherry Cheesecake, Poached Strawberries & Goat's Cheese on toasted Baguette.

Here's some reviews from the experts:

"Kurma Dasa is one of the world's most high profile vegetarians. . . In Vegetarian World Food, by Kurma Dasa, vegie fans will find recipes from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Americas."
(04/08/02 Sunday Territorian)

"Through his classes at Drysdale Tafe Tasmania I've formed a much greater appreciation of Kurma Dasa than I ever did on TV (must be something to do with actually tasting the food). Best known for his Indian cooking, in Vegetarian World Food Kurma collects favourites from all over the world - the Mediterranean, Middle East, South-East Asia, the Americas and some from the rest, with India most represented. The flavours are strong and varied. In a Kurma Dasa spread, there's no sense of something lacking. I've tried the Panir, home-made cheese (use Pyengana Real milk for best results) and the Deep-fried Milk Fudge Balls in Rose Syrup, so feel safe in assuming the rest are as good as they look. Confirmed vegetarians will love this, and so will those trying to have more meat-free days or to eat more vegetables."
(28/08/02 The Mercury)

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