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"Always Be Prepared"- Avoid Being The Party Pooper With A Spare 60L Soda Stream Cylinder

Ever arranged a social get together and the BBQ or Soda Stream has run out of gas? Guess what, you're a party pooper.

Well no excuses anymore when you have a spare 60L Soda Stream cylinder on hand. Very useful when you're waiting on a refill.


(Co2 canisters are HAZCHEM 2TE Cylinder valve approved 0038)


  • One canister makes up to 60 Liters of sparkling drink
  • Compatible with al new Soda Stream models- Jet, Source, Revolution, Crystal, Genesis, Dynamo
  • Net weight is 400 grams
  • Purchase from an authorised Soda Stream retailer.

Make Bubbles Not Bottles


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